Fissures Healing

“At this time he was still studying for his PhD.  It was in 1937 that his life went through a transformation.  His dissertation had been well received but he had a disaster when he went to explain his work at an oral examination and suffered from a severe memory lapse.  This seems to have been the trigger for a spiritual crisis in Kelly’s life.  Douglas Steere, who was also there for him as a friend in this difficult time, wrote this:

He moved toward adequacy.   A fissure in him seemed to close, cliffs caved in and filled up a chasm, and what was divided grew together in him.  Science, scholarship, method remained good, but in a new setting … out of it seemed to come a whole new life orientation.”

∼  James M. Russell, “A Brief Guide to Spiritual Classics: From the Dark Night of the Soul to The Power of Now” referring to “A Testament of Devotion, 1941, by Thomas R.  Kelly



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