Melting Hard Ice

“For three of the four years in college, I lived with three Tibetan monks in the same dorm. The dorm is six-room, like a house.

They were sent by the Dalai Lama to study Western humanities at Hampshire College. And for some reason, I had no idea of Buddhism, or Tibetan Buddhism. But I just was so tired of living with 18-year-olds who smoked pot a lot, and play a lot of music at night, so I just volunteered to live with the monks and to be their guide on campus, because their English is not yet fluent.

They never preached to me or tried to convert me, but just being in their presence, I think slowly melted the hard ice.”

∼ Zilong Wang, from “A Conversation with Zilong Wang: Medicine Journey” by Richard Whittaker (



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