Competition #2

“And so I got to ask them finally this question that I’ve been really wondering about which was — the report was that the average C.E.O. of a publicly traded company got $10 million in salary a year, and they were going for 11 million. And so I got to ask them, “Well guys, I’m kind of curious about this. Is it that they’re not getting by on 10 million that they need 11 million? I don’t get it.” And this one guy said, just like this — he said, “Oh, no Sister Simone. That’s not it. It’s not about the money.” He said, “It’s — we’re very competitive. And we want to win. And money just happens to be the current measure of winning.” And then I think, well, could we have a measure that’s a little less toxic?”

Sr Simone Campbell, Onbeing Conversation



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