A Palpable Peace

“As I walked past, office girls were moaning to each other about another office girl.  I wondered how they could be so surrounded by death and yet still put their energy into complaining about trivial things.  But by then, I’d already had the blessings of learning from many beautiful clients and from my own life.  The things most people give their energy to are so irrelevant in the long run.

As usual, from the moment I walked into Lenny’s room, it was like being in a different world.  The peace in this slightly darkened room was felt the moment you entered.  It had been this way from the start and I had commented on it the first day to Lenny.  He had smiled.  “Ah yes, it is a peaceful space.  But it takes a certain person to recognise it.  So many of the staff here come in with all of their busyness and miss the feel of the room completely.”

∼  Bronnie Ware, “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.”



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