Anger and Forgiveness

“People would say, “You should ask His Holiness. You should ask His Holiness.”

I found this amusing. I said, “He’s busy. How do you ask the Dalai Lama a question like this?” Somebody said, “Write him a letter and drop it off at his monastery. You’ll get some sort of response.”

I could see in front of me this living embodiment of someone who had eschewed anger, let go of anger, but was still working on behalf of those who suffer without anger as the motivating force. That had been my question in my letter to him. I was unable to write the words, “I was sexually abused by my father.” What I said was, “Anger is killing me but it motivates my work. How do you work on behalf of abused and oppressed people without anger as the motivating force?”

I said, “I want to forgive my father. I want to follow this path.”

The first question that came out of his mouth was, “Do you feel you have been angry long enough?” I thought this was the most brilliant question I have been ever asked, especially about forgiveness … “

Sujatha Baliga



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